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Insurance Coverage and Defense


From the firm's inception, the attorneys at Turner, Reid, Duncan, Loomer & Patton, P.C. have represented insurance companies, self-insured entities and their respective insureds, in a broad range of insurance-related litigation. The firm has extensive experience and expertise in not only defending insureds who have been sued, but also in representing insurance companies in complex coverage matters and bad faith claims in both state and federal courts. Insurance "bad faith" claims have recently become more pervasive and problematic for insurance companies in Missouri. Through years of experience, the attorneys here have developed a high level of understanding of the complex legal and factual issues implicated in those types of cases and can offer insight as to how those claims can be either prevented or defended.

The firm has litigated a wide variety of cases on behalf of its clients, including:

  • Bad faith refusal to settle
  • Third-party personal injury and wrongful death claims of all types
  • Auto liability claims
  • Premises liability claims
  • Property damage claims
  • Fire loss and storm damage claims
  • Professional Liability claims, including claims against medical providers, attorneys and engineers
  • Insurance Agent and Broker liability
  • Trucking and transportation liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and liability
  • Excess/umbrella coverage and liability
  • Vexatious refusal to pay
  • Extra-contractual liability
  • Coverage analysis
  • Equitable garnishment
  • Reinsurance coverage and liability
  • Municipal and governmental liability

Over the years, the firm has represented many insurance companies and greatly values the relationships it has developed and maintained with its clients. Some of the firm's representative clients include: Shelter Mutual Insurance Company, Haulers Insurance Company, Inc., Farm Bureau Town & Country Insurance Company of Missouri, GEICO, American Family Insurance Company, The St. Paul, Sentry Insurance, Bass Pro Shops, Hobby Lobby, The Bar Plan and many others.

Over the years, the firm has successfully litigated -- whether through trial, appeal or alternate dispute resolution -- innumerable cases involving a vast array of insurance-related issues. Our clients know that they will be the ultimate beneficiaries of those years of experience and the high level of expertise that we bring to our cases.